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1. How many branches does Edenred have in India?
11 15 20
2. Which is our most widely accepted gift voucher?
Ticket Restaurant® Meal vouchers
Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers
Ticket Medica ® Health and Wellness Vouchers
3. Where can you find exciting deals and offers?
4. Which is the perfect gift voucher for holidays?
Ticket Compliments® Universal Gift Voucher
Ticket Compliments® Holiday Gift Voucher
Ticket Restaurant® Meal Voucher
5. What is the name of our Edenred Mascot ?
Eddy E-ddy Edde
6. How many outlets accept our Ticket Restaurant® Meal vouchers?
15000+ 1000+ 12000+  
7. In how many countries is Edenred present worldwide?
42 40 39